ear friends, welcome to website of the Dnepropetrovsk research and development enterprise “Syton”. Here you can find the full information about our enterprise and production. Nowadays Research and Production Enterprise “Syton” is one of the leading producers of cast iron kitchen utensils in CIS. Its range covers 200 products of cookware.
First of all, it is the cast iron kitchen utensil without any coating with special heat treatment. Inventions and innovations proposed by our specialists registered as Patents for invention Nos. 80885, 2340272 are implemented in our ‘THERMO’ products.
These inventions are aimed at providing: safety assurance of the cast iron kitchen utensils especially in case of their possible contacts with acids to avoid the process of oxidation; even black colour of utensils; optimum combination of strength and elasticity of the cast iron kitchen utensils.
Cast iron utensils are known to be used and produced for ages. The first evidences of cast iron go back to IV – VI BC.
Having low heat conductivity, cast iron heats slowly and evenly, and retains heat well with none of the hot or cold spots often encountered with utensils of more modern materials. It is excellent for time-consuming cooking methods such as stewing meat, poultry or cooking plov.
  •   Environmental friendly.   Cast iron is known to be one of the best materials for producing cookware that can be used with any source of heat. Besides, it is non-toxic at any temperatures. As the result it is human friendly.
  •   Durability.   Cast iron is long life as it is nearly indestructible and can’t be deformed. Overheat and mechanical damages are not dangerous for its use.
  •   Uniqueness.   Every product is made by pouring liquid melt iron at 1400 in metal forms produced at the modern unique equipment. They have strict geometrical forms and shapes providing high accuracy of manufacturing cookware products without any deviation in their shape and size. The solid cast iron is processed by the series of various technological operations.
Also, enameled cast iron kitchen utensils take up rightful place in consumer market. Enameled cast iron kitchen utensils “Thermo” produced in our enterprise are robust and environment friendly that is the result of special thermal processing and finishing with ecological materials.
The enameled cast iron kitchen utensils distinction is that they have exterior coating both gloss enameled with different colours and frosted black. Their inner surface is coated with black not stick enamel. It may be without any coating, but treated by heat to withstand high temperature during cooking.
These kitchen utensils have anti-burnt quality of cast iron and are proof to temperature overfalls and mechanical damages. They are life long.
The enameled cast iron kitchen utensils the inner coating of which is made by frosted anti-burnt enamel have the advantage of the cooked food can be stored in it for a long time.
The enameled cast iron kitchen utensils produced at the Ukrainian enterprise “Syton” have some more features:
  •   High hygiene qualities of the surfaces - thick coatings protect the utensils from bacteria and smelts.
  •   Easy clean up - unique strength and abrasive resistance of enameled coating provide easy wash without extreme efforts.
  •   Strength - strong and gloss enamel is more resistant to scratches and abrasives than the majority of metal surfaces due to its slipping coating.
  •   Resistant to chemical substances - the enameled coating is resistant to acids, alkali, water, solutions, oils, salt, ultraviolet rays and soil corrosion.
  •   Corrosion resistant - resistant to aggressive environment, salts, air, gases and smoke.
  •   Resistant to contaminations - slip gloss coating provides easy wash up of contaminations including signs and figures made by a consumer.
  •   Robust construction - enamel is proof to long heating without any changes in its physical and chemical properties and appearance.
  •   Colour stability - the cast iron utensils are enameled with robust coloured coating of the wide range of colours which are not changed within the time under ultraviolet radiation and influence of aggressive environment.
The enameled cast iron kitchen utensils and cast iron kitchen utensils without coating can be used with different sources of heat: gas range, electric range (ceramic, halogen, induction cooktops etc.) and other cooktops including traditional “Russian stove”.
This makes our kitchen utensils multifunctional. It can be used for various cooking operations such as browning, braising, frying, grilling, roasting etc.
ithout any doubt kitchen utensils “Thermo” will be your reliable assistant in the kitchen. You will be able to create new recipes of dishes not being anxious of the quality of the dishes to be cooked. Your dishes will be excellent in the cast iron kitchen utensils “Thermo” which provides high quality of various dishes.