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he research and development manufacturing enterprise “Syton” was established in 1992. It is an example of new generation of production and technical enterprises in Dnepropetrovsk, the industrial centre of Ukraine.
Today’s Dnepropetrovsk is a multifunctional centre. It is an industrial centre, a logistic centre of transportation net of different Oblasts of Ukraine, a centre of city agglomeration etc.
City population: 1.1 million inhabitants. Total square: 37.9 hectares.
The city was formed and developed as a place of concentration of the basic branches of heavy industry such as metallurgical, machine building, fuel and chemical industries. It has been known as a centre of ferrous metallurgical industry for 100 years.
“Syton” was established as an enterprise aimed at development and implementation of advanced technologies in metallurgy.
In December 1997 we opened our own iron cast plant focused on cast iron production and the production of spare parts of the equipment used at mineral dressing plants that were the result of the enterprise development and the experience got. In 2000 the iron cast production was reoriented on iron kitchen utensils cast.
Nowadays Research and Production Enterprise “Syton” is one of the leading producers of cast iron kitchen utensils in CIS. Its range covers 200 products of cookware.
We have our own production. The staff involved in the production are highly qualified professionals. Though its number is not high, we can control and run production and economic processes, design and implement modern equipment and technologies by ourselves to produce products of high quality which is rather competitive.
In 2008 we launched new manufacturing section, where enameled kitchen utensils are produced.
Technological decisions patented as inventions are implemented at this section. The inventions provide nature friendly and rust-resistant products. They are featured by high quality, reliability, modern design and competitiveness.
We participated in International exhibitions of home appliances «TableWare» (Ukraine) «Consumexpo» (Russia), «Hozmebeltorg» (Russia).
We have participated in the All-Ukrainian competition in Quality assurance “100 Best Products of Ukraine” since 2003 when we became laureate. We were among the finalists in 2004 and we were recognized as a winner of this competition in 2008.
Our products have strong demand not only in Ukraine, but abroad: in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan, Moldova.
We have a potential to enlarge the quantity of the products, manufactured at our enterprise. We are interested in cooperation with different companies not only in Ukraine, but abroad.